Valentines Day 2017 Recap and Five Senses Gift

I love love! Even when I was single, I was never the person who dreaded the love day or referred to it as “Single Awareness Day”. It was inspiring to see all the love around me, and I really just love love.

             “Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.” – Ghandi

I am also one to celebrate the small things, and I really enjoy celebrating all the little holidays. I also love my boy, so naturally, I wanted to do a cute surprise for him. I made an overly-festive, overly-pink, and overly-heart-shaped pancake breakfast. It was accompanied a sweet card and a “five senses” gift which I’ll explain here in a bit.

This gift was focused on the five senses with an item pertaining to each sense. Even though it wasn’t my idea, it was so fun being creative and thinking of my own items to go with each sense!  Here are the sensual items I included:

SoundWireless bluetooth speaker

This is an amazing little speaker. BIG sound, small price. Worth way more than what I paid!

SmellAdidas Pure Game

My hubby actually prefers these Adidas colognes over the expensive designer ones. It smells amazing, especially for just $7.99!

TastePepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Brownie

Mint chocolate is a huge fav around here. These were his first time trying these Pepperidge Farm brownies and he was in love! I must say I was too (I definitely had more than my fair share).

TouchKY Touch Massage Creme

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Especially when it smells heavenly! This stuff is literally liquid silk.

Sight – Movie theater gift card

This one was tricky to find something for, but it turned out to be a great budget option. It is something we do anyways, but often, we skip the movies for the sake of not spending money. It was nice to go on a few stress-free dates to the theater knowing that the movie was already paid for.

Let me tell you, I was covered in pink and red pancake batter by the end of this breakfast!

And of course, my sweet valentine.

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