One Year of Marriage

A week ago today, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I had intended to write this post much earlier in the week, but we have been so busy having way too much fun. And honestly, that is exactly how this first year has been for us. This little adventure of ours, that we started a year ago, has been a blast. In one year of marriage, I sure have learned a lot. However looking back, the one thing that resonates with me is how much I love my life with this man! I tell him all the time.

Having gotten married young, we grew together in a way I don’t think most couples do. Although we both lived on our own before, we made our first big move together. We took out our first loan together and bought a car we worked so hard for. We supported each other through another year of college. He helped me through the stressful months of preparing my nursing school application, and he celebrated with me when I opened my acceptance letter. I supported him through his dream of working in law enforcement and together we made a decision of which department to commit to. We endured through tough, demanding work schedules and rejoiced when the days of 12 hour night shifts were no more. We made our second move together into a newer apartment, just to make a hard decision a few months later to follow a job and move again (still in the works). Our little roller coaster ride is my favorite thrill and I wouldn’t ride along with anyone else.

I’ve always been the one rolling my eyes when I read the anniversary Instagram posts captioned with “I’m even more in love with him than I was the day I married him.” I NEVER understood that statement. Your wedding day is the best day of your life. Not only are you totally in love and in newly wedded bliss, but you’re feeling like a princess, partying it out with your family and friends, being showered with gifts, and looking forward to a paradisiacal week ahead.

It’s not that I thought that life only went downhill after sealing the deal, but I did know what was to come. I expected we’d discover differences, come across bumps, and jump into fights. I figured there would be a good chance that one day, we’d get stuck into our day-to-day routines and have a need to rekindle our love. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew at times it was going to be really, really hard. What I didn’t understand was how, among an occupied, somewhat mundane life, could your love for your partner overpower your feelings on that euphoric day?

Then I got married.

And everything changed. Those differences came together and formed new traditions. Those bumps solidified and became a strong foundation for our marriage. Those fights slowly peeled back layers and layers of our hearts and brought us to a new level of transparency, vulnerability, and love.

Don’t get me wrong, my opinion did not change overnight. But it was nearly a flip flop of my expectations. To my surprise I found myself falling even harder for my husband as we swung into our everyday routines. It was when our life eventually became somewhat uneventful that I felt so grateful. There was something special about realizing who I was lucky enough to spend my humdrum, habitual life with. And I’m so happy I chose my Donovan.

So here I am, on my first anniversary, telling you all I love my husband even more than I did on my wedding day. And I’m totally okay with that.



      Thank you Claire! I’m so happy for you! It’s so fun and our wedding will always be one of my favorite memories. Thanks for reading!

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