New Life, New Wife, New Blog

The beautiful, yet not so beautiful, thing about life is it’s always changing. Part of me would like to say I always eagerly embrace change, but to be frank, a lot of times I drag my feet. However, I have learned that life is all about perspective and even more so, that God put these changes in my life for a reason. With that, our lives will always be so very beautiful!

In the last year I have moved out of my childhood home in the desert, embarked on the University life in Idaho’s cold country studying Nursing, met and lived with my best friends for life, strengthened my testimony and personal faith, tried-failed-tried again a long distance relationship with my high school sweetheart, and lived pay check by pay check learning the ropes of independency. In the last 6 months I have gotten engaged, moved home for the summer, gotten married, and picked up the only life I ever knew and moved it over to Small Town, Eastern Arizona. Talk about changes, huh?! Now I spend my days cooking for my hungry, hungry hippo, keeping house, and studying my brains out. Meanwhile the hubby is studying Administration of Justice and working a 48 hour work week. Go him! In the midst of all that though, I’m starting this amazing journey with my sweet husband, still pursing that major (Hey, at least I haven’t changed it a billion times, right?), and making a cozy, safe, holy place out of this 700 sq feet we call home.

You may be wondering what about my mediocre life qualifies it for a blog dedicated to it. I’m not really sure of the answer either. I think my life is pretty cool, but I am pretty sure everyone thinks that about their life! Haha. I’ve been tossing around the idea of blogging for several months now, and when I mentioned it to Mr. Rooks.. He laughed. I can always count on him for some support! (Really though, he is great.) In high school I always thought I’d be an English major and eventually, an author. I just love to write! I love people, socializing, communicating, etc. While we live a couple hundred miles from home and a thousand miles from where we started college, it’s a great way to keep everyone in on the loop on what this new family is up to. Plus, it’s totally open to anybody who thinks my life is as cool as I think it is!

Y’all can look forward to lots of updates, pictures, wedding recap, thoughts, ideas/recipes, and experiences as I figure out this whole wifey thing. I am so excited for the future, all the changes coming our way, and sharing it with all of you. Thanks for joining me! My goals are to document memories, keep it real and honest (I’ve been told I am way too blunt way too may times, haha), and as Thomas S. Monson once said, “find joy in the journey.” Here’s to a start of something new: my new life – as a new wife – on my new blog.


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