I Chopped Off & Donated My Hair!

I have had LONG hair for years. My mom convinced me in late elementary school to chop off my hair above my shoulders, never again. The only time I had it short after that was after a horrendous hair cut my freshman year of high school. It was my only choice to chop off the bad cut to not look like a crazed animal.

My hair grows incredibly fast. We’re talking 1-2 inches a MONTH. I can’t keep up with monthly trims, so oftentimes, it’s just way too long and annoying. Not only is it usually long, but it’s thick. I’ve always had a head of hair! If I can find a baby picture, I’ll post it and it’s crazy how much hair I was born with!

Recently it had gotten to the point where I was using two, sometimes three, ponytails to put it in a bun and even then, it still wouldn’t hold or look right. I’ve been tossing around the idea of cutting it shortish for months now. My husband, who used to tell me never to cut my long hair, even said he’d like to see the change. So I went in for a trim and told my stylist to cut off a little more than normal. She suggested the idea of donating it if I wanted to cut off that much. On a whim, I went for it! We donated it to a childrens’ foundation to make wigs for kids with cancer, so how could I not?!

Before… Way too long huh?


I LOVE it! In fact, I texted my stylist that night and rather than freaking out, I told her I wanted to cut off even more! I still haven’t gone back yet, but I am so excited to get another 4-5 inches cut off next week.

The best part about getting a fresh cut is how healthy the hair feels. I love having crisp, healthy ends. My hair just feels so much more lively now. And it’s different. Such a good change!! I am not always one for change, but I definitely needed this!

// Are you one who loves constant change or prefers to keep things in your comfort zone?

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