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  1. Lori Kirkham

    Nice Hannah. This message isn’t just Christmas, it’s every day. I’ve been considering the idols in my life, i.e. anything that leads me to think on subjects other than Christ and takes up time that leads me away from thinking and pondering upon him. I could say my work takes me away from Christ but quite often I’ll find some pattern as I’m teaching piano that will remind me of the gospel. When it happens my excitement of finding how piano and music points to Christ, the newfound principle is then shared with the student I’m teaching. As you kids all know I love to find how everything points to Christ. But that having been said there are way too many habits in my life that I feel are my idols and lead me away from drawing near unto him. How much time I spend at my work I have to consider adds to the time that keeps me away from studying scriptures and pondering. My TV habits have to be included in this list. Time on the internet researching and shopping is another. Anything that isn’t learning of him or serving his children is on that list. It’s easy to do good things and perhaps be doing them for wrong reasons that don’t lead us to Christ. Everything has it’s opposite. So pretty much anything could lead us to or away from Christ depending on the state of our heart while engaged in an activity. And so judging another is fruitless. Once again I enjoyed reading your thoughts. It always causes me to contemplate things of the spirit. Love you, Mom

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