Engagement-versary and Our Proposal Story

April 12, 2016 my sweet, sweet husband (finally) asked me to marry him! We didn’t do anything special to celebrate but loved looking back on the last year and all of the memories. The first memory being.. the proposal story!

I didn’t ask permission to share this.. probably because the Mister wouldn’t give it to me.. Oops! (You’ll see why soon)

A little back story: We were high school sweethearts, then parted ways as we both headed off to college. I went to a small, private university in the cold, bitter, beautiful state of Idaho, while Mr. Rooks pursued his football career at a larger state university in Montana (still cold, bitter, and beautiful). A 4 hour drive separated us, and we attempted short-lived long distance relationship. The short-lived part was totally my fault, double oops. Our “separation” quickly taught us that we both knew we were right for each other, along with lots of prayers of course. When we rekindled, we picked right back up where we left off and were talking marriage shortly after. By January, he had bought the ring, and by February, we had a date. The only reason that ring wasn’t on my finger was my unofficial fiance was very proper and refined. He wanted to ask for my Dad’s blessing in person, which mean he had to wait until Spring Break in April. He was also super chicken and procrastinated the discussion until just a couple days before he had to go back to school. See, I told you he wouldn’t approve, but wait it gets better {aka more embarrassing}!

The proposal: We were going to a family friend’s surprise birthday party at his parents house that night. We helped finish up the food and decorations and waited for the birthday guy to arrive. We did the whole surprise thing then got ready to eat. I was starving and went straight for the food when he quickly stopped me and told me we weren’t eating there and he packed some up to go instead. I kind of knew it was coming because it was either that night, the next day, or the morning after that before his flight left. I’m a total brat so I proceeded to give him the “pat down” checking for any big bulge of a ring box in his pockets. Nothing.

As we were driving I had a guess of where he was taking me, but then he stopped at the gas station to confuse me. We clearly didn’t need gas. My guess was right and he pulled up to this special golf course of ours. Right next to it were the tennis courts I played on in high school, the city’s huge water tower, and it was around the corner from the community building where we went to winter formal together – our first real date. After formal, we went over to the golf course with some friends to mess around and look at the view since it was up on the hill looking over the valley. We’d gone back several times to enjoy the view, talk about life, and had a few picnics at our spot under a specific tree.

When we got there, he grabbed the dinner but didn’t go back to the trunk to grab the blanket and Martinelli that we ALWAYS did with our picnics there. He grabbed my hand, ignoring all my obnoxious questions of what was going on, what are we gonna sit on, etc, and walked up the hill with me to our spot. When we were just maybe 50 ft away, my poor boyfriend’s face surprisingly didn’t quiver or move an inch as several black heads popped out of the ground, made that dreadful clicking sound, and squirted out water all around us. By this point, I was really confused like why are you still walking up this hill, I am not gonna eat in the middle of a sprinkler rain storm. We kept walking and as we reaching the top of the hill, I saw the candle lit path. My heart melted a little bit and hurt a little bit because I knew how upset he must’ve been that it had all been soak. The positive trooper still didn’t flip out though! We walked down the path, picked up a tray of roses and Martinelli off of the sopping wet blanket and walked over to a dry spot. I sat down ready to FINALLY grub when he asked me if I noticed the roses. I was like yeah, thank you! He then picked out the middle rose and handed it to me. My beautiful ring was nestled perfectly inside – a little wet, but perfect. I then noticed two of my lifelong friends come over both holding cameras. He got down on one knee and began his speech of wanting to grow old with me and asking me to be his wife. I of course said YES! and kissed him! His disappointed emotion peeked through as he apologized to me that the “perfect proposal was ruined” and swore to be that it was supposed to be so perfect! I laughed and told him that he would soon laugh about it too in a few years. He still isn’t quite over it, haha. I wasn’t disappointed in the least bit and told him something cheesy about how it just goes to show that sometimes we’re gonna get disappointed and walk through “sprinkler/rain storms” together, but it’ll all be just fine.

And it’s ended up being even better.

Happy Engagement-versary baby, I love you.


Here’s a cute video and some pictures our friends made for us. Thanks Cierra & Summer! (also shout out to Cierra, she gets married in TWO DAYS! We are so excited for her!!)


Also, on this same day, April 12, 2014 we went to our first prom together in 11th grade. I didn’t realize it until uploading our proposal video and my computer featured this picture “On This Day”… must be our lucky day!

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