15 Netflix Series We Love

If you’re anything like me, you love Netflix! It is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day of school, work, or whatever. When Donovan and I choose a night in for date night, it usually ends up ending on the couch watching one of our favorite shows.

One of my not so favorite things about Netflix is all the random, weird shows that you have to sift through in order to find the good ones. We recently caught up with all of our favorite shows and had such a hard time finding a new show that we actually liked. For that reason, I want to share all of our favorites!

Our Favorites to Watch Together

  1. Scandal

    Guys. We are counting down the days until October 5th for the new and last season *tear* to premiere. This is our favorite show! We’ve been watching it together since our senior year of high school and it has only gotten better. It is the perfect mix of shocking crime and intense, scandalous romance. It also takes place in Washington DC at the White House, so you get a serving of history and non-annoying politics as well. Everyone I’ve recommended this show to gets HOOKED.

  2. Grey’s Anatomy

    I know, we’re so basic. Yes we’ve seen all 13 seasons. Yes we watched 10 seasons in like a year. And yes, I am so excited for the next season this week! I’m sure you’ve heard of Grey’s, so just go watch it already! Part of me thinks I chose a career in the medical field because of Grey’s Anatomy. Just kidding. Sort of.

  3. How To Get Away With Murder

    Can you tell we love Shonda Rhimes?! Our 3 favorite shows are all directed by Shonda, so we love her. We, especially Donovan, have a thing for crime shows. HTGAWM is all about crime and the behind the scenes look at the court and a lawyer’s office. At the end of every episode we are shocked, and can’t wait for the next one to find out what happens!

  4. Prison Break

    Again with the crime shows. This is such an intense show! During the first few episodes I was like, how do they make an entire series of a guy breaking out of prison?? That happens and more. It definitely surpassed my expectations. Perfect show about brotherhood and a man protecting and fighting for his family. Intense + sweet = this show.

  5. The Blacklist

    Prison Break and The Blacklist are both some of Donovan’s favorite shows that he begged me to watch since he loved them so much. The Blacklist is about an FBI sect that uses a criminal informant that turned himself in for unknown reasons. He was the most-wanted criminal, but now his help is crucial to them to find the rest of the criminals on the blacklist. The intense crime is mixed with some personal drama of the characters to keep you interested in what will happen next.

  6. Lost

    This one is last on the list of shows we’ve watched together but could potentially move up. We just started this show this last week. It’s about a plane crash on an abandoned island. We’re only a few episodes in but are so far intrigued!

My Favorites

  1. Pretty Little Liars

    I almost didn’t include this one out of a sliiiight bit of embarrassment. I know it’s such a teeny-bopper show but I read the books in middle school and watched the show in the early years of high school. After getting too impatient to find out who “A” is and too busy with sports and other high school stuff, I stopped watching it. It wasn’t until after we were married that I picked it back up. I loved getting back into it because it was neat to see the girls grow up, move to college, get married, etc. similar to all the stages that I was and am in. PLL is all about 5 best friends whose best friend goes missing at a sleepover and then they get this creeper stalker who doesn’t leave them alone. I promise it’s way more interesting than it sounds!

  2. Bates Motel

    Initially the first episode or two of this movie freaked me out and totally turned me away. However, one of my best friends wanted to watch it with me and now it’s one of my favorites! We are currently on season 2 and it is our reward show that we let ourselves watch after doing a ton of homework or studying. Bates is about an oddly-close mother and son who moved to the PNW and bought an old abandoned motel. It is based off of the old Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho from 1960. It’s less disturbing than the original film but still just as suspenseful and entertaining.

  3. Revenge

    As a young girl living in the Hamptons surrounded by people who only cared about themselves, Emily and her family’s lives and reputation were ruined by their neighbor. She returns to the Hamptons as an adult, under a new identity blending in with the community, to get revenge on those who ruined her family. And of course, it has quite the love story and relationship drama!

  4. Arrow

    Probably the nerdiest show I’ve ever watched. Donovan makes fun of me all the time for it! After a shipwreck Oliver, a privileged, rich boy, spends years on a tiny island experiencing things that changed him forever. He has to fight for his life against a foreign army on the island and must surrender his identity to practically be owned by them. Finally he gets to return home to a different life than what he left and with a new purpose. He uses his training from the island to become a vigilante and fight for what’s right. …nerdy, huh?

  5. Private Practice

    Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy. One of the doctors in Grey’s moves to California and begins works at her friend’s practice as an obstetric-gynecology specialist. I particularly enjoy Private Practice, because OB is the field I hope to work in as a nurse.

  6. Jane the Virgin

    This poor, well-behaved, Catholic girl tried so hard to save sex for marriage yet shockingly became pregnant after getting accidentally artificially inseminated. This change flips her world, her fiance’s world, and the father’s world while making it quite the hilarious show.

Donovan’s Favorites

  1. The Following

    This is probably one of my least favorite shows ever, yet it’s Donovan’s #1. The Following is about an serial killer who escaped from death row and created a murderous cult-like group of followers. He was a former English professor and uses his fixation of Edgar Allen Poe to orchestrate his killings with the goal to gain revenge on the FBI agent who incarcerated him. Donovan said he loves the suspense and unexpected twists in the plot.

  2. White Collar

    White Collar is similar to The Blacklist, but more light-hearted, humorous, and less serious. It’s also about the FBI taking advantage of an escaped convict’s criminal instincts and knowledge to catch other criminals.

  3. Psych

    When I asked Donovan what he liked about Psych, he said, “It’s funny.” Then I asked him what else he liked about it and he responded, “It’s super funny.” So apparently it’s pretty hilarious! The main character, Shawn, pretends to be psychic and convinces everyone so. He uses his talent to help the cops and opens up a psychic-private investigator practice with his friend. If you couldn’t tell by Donovan’s favorite shows, he majored in Administration of Justice in college and is a cop. Haha.

There you have it! Those are 15 of our favorite Netflix series, and we highly recommend them!

— Have you seen any of these? What are your favorite shows to watch? —

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  1. No shame in my game, I LOVE Pretty Little Liars!!! Psych is also awesome – a perfect cleaning show, if that makes sense!

    You guys need to check out Lie To Me – it’s probably my top show on Netflix. They recently took off season one but I’m sure you could find it somewhere (amazon maybe?) and it’s totally worth watching anyway! It’s episodic more than anything, so you could pick up at season two with little catch-up. It’s about a man who specializes in reading micro-expressions, so he can tell when someone is being deceptive! It’s like House but with lying instead of medicine! haha 😀

    • Hannah Rooks

      Oo, we’ll have to check it out!! I used to watch Castle and it was episodic like that. I loved not having to keep up with it, so that sounds nice! Thanks for the recommendation, Grady!

  2. There are so many great shows on this list! I LOVE Scandal and I’m so excited for this season! That show always leaves me on my toes.

    Also I love Arrow and all those DC shows on the CW. Have you seen The Flash or Supergirl? Those two are a little lighter content than Arrow which I find so dark at times. I even watched some of The Legends of Tomorrow. I love all of those shows. Maybe it is a little nerdy but nerd is in right now.

    Great list!!

    • Hannah Rooks

      Scandal is the best! I’m right there with ya, excitedly waiting for this season. I haven’t seen either of those – well, I’ve seen maybe half of an episode of Flash when my friend was watching it. I’ll have to add those 2 to my watchlist. Thanks for sharing with me, Christina! 🙂

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